Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Commentary

Our Sunday School Gospel Doctrine classes rotate each year between the four Standard Works, and 2016 is the Book of Mormon.  The study course divides The Book of Mormon into 48 lessons.  There is a very good The Book of Mormon: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual and also The Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide that follows the 48 lessons.  Both of these aids can be accessed online.  The material offered in this Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Commentary will follow those 48 lessons.

Rarely is a Sunday school class able to cover all the material in the lesson for the week. Furthermore, if we want to really experience the power of The Book of Mormon it is not enough to attend a weekly class and to follow a reading schedule which allows us to complete the book within the year.  We must study, ponder, and pray about The Book of Mormon.  

It is my hope that the material offered in this Commentary will be a motivation to increase our study and intensify our prayers about The Book of Mormon so that we can receive the power and blessings in our lives that are promised.  As The Book of Mormon floods the earth (see Moses 7:62) it is my desire to add a small drop to that great flood.    

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Lessons are made available each Friday